Don’t Forget To Get Around Quake Champions While It’s Free

In case you missed it, the ridiculously fun Quake Champions is currently free to download on Steam until June 17, so get in quick!

The reason you want to get in now, even if you only have a passing interest? Well, as long as you download before the cut-off date, the game is yours to keep and play forever, even after the free trial period ends. The game itself will be going F2P at some stage, but who knows how long that will be, so pull the trigger.

Not convinced? Here is the official presser from Bethesda:

Yes! Players who participate in the weeklong program won’t just get to try the Free-to-Play version of Quake Champions while in Early Access, but can continue to play for free even after the event concludes on June 17.
The Free-to-Play version of Quake Champions contains all the game modes and maps currently available in Early Access and comes with one Champion – Ranger. (Please note that the Free-to-Play version of Quake Champions does not contain the Champions Pack, which unlocks all current and future Champions alongside custom matchmaking and other in-game goodies. If the Champions Pack does sound like a sweet deal – and you’d be right – we’re making it even sweeter during the F2P Trial Week with a special discount, from $29.99USD to just $19.71USD).

Download the Free-to-Play version of Quake Champions via the Launcher or Steam.

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