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F-Stop And Focus, New Pokemon Snap Is Releasing On April 30

Cameras at the ready!

It’s 2021 but Nintendo and its partner The Pokemon Company are continuing their trend of last year by dropping trailers with little to no notice. The latest drop is one I’m particularly excited for – a second look at New Pokemon Snap, the Pokemon Snap sequel finally releasing after a 20-year gap. Coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch, the new trailer even gives us a lovely 2021 release date of April 30 which is not too far off at all. The game is set in the Lental region and will be set on a number of islands. Check out the trailer for yourself below:

I gotta say though, wowee this game looks so beautiful! I can see all the ASMR videos now. Are you itching to catch this game when it releases in April? I know I am!

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When Eleanore isn’t trying to figure out how the Earth works she’s trying to pay off her loan in Animal Crossing, complete her Pokedex or finishing one more RPG or platformer. She is a lover of great characters, cute or creative art styles and awesome game soundtracks.


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