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Final Cuphead DLC The Delicious Last Course Has Been Delayed

Quality wins over deadlines

What is now a benchmark for modern challenging platformers, Cuphead took the gaming world by surprise back in 2017. With a gorgeous and unique 1930s cartoon art style, punishing difficulty and a massive amount of charm, the game has seen great success over multiple platforms.

Like many other studios around the globe, Cuphead dev team Studio MDHR have had to adapt to working from home during this year’s pandemic, a challenge that has caused a delay to Cuphead’s final DLC, The Delicious Last Course. Originally set to release in 2019 before being pushed back to 2020, the add-on will bring with it a new playable character (Ms Chalice) a new island, new weapons, new bosses and more. Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing The Delicious Last Course this year as planned, as Studio MDHR released a statement on Twitter announcing that the DLC has been delayed into 2021.

Stating that they are not willing to compromise on quality, the team has instead decided to push back the release to ensure that the add-on meets the expectations of Cuphead fans. COVID is obviously the driving force behind this delay as we have seen many times over this year, so we wish all of the Studio MDHR folks well in their continued development.

Are you a Cuphead fan? Are you keen to get your hands on The Delicious Last Course? Let us know.

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