Final Fantasy XV Has Sold More Than 6 Million Units

Square Enix’s latest long awaited title, Final Fantasy XV, sales have exceeded the six million unit mark. These numbers encompass both physical units and digital sales. The game has received critical acclaim from both reviewers and gamers alike (read our review here) for having beautiful world design and graphical quality, a vast open-world  and a new combat system.

The game had seen a development cycle comparable to that of The Last Guardian, with its actual development commencing in 2006. At the time it was a PlayStation 3 exclusive spinoff titles named Final Fantasy Versus XIII. It wasn’t until 2012 where the title was rebranded as a mainline title in the Final Fantasy series. It was also then where the game shifted to an eighth generation title, exclusive to consoles.

Given the 10 year development cycle, there was a lot of skepticism from fans in regards to the game. However, the title managed to sell five million units in just day one sales. That’s impressive. Since then it seems to have gotten more than a million additional sales.

Watch the “Ride Together” trailer below

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