Firewatch Prints Screenshots

Taking in-game screenshots in the games you are playing is nothing new, but there isn’t much you can do with them outside of sharing them on your social media outlets. This is where Firewatch changes the game and allows users to print their screenshots and have them sent to themselves by the kind folk at developer Campo Santo and publisher Panic. Currently, this feature is only available to those who play on PC, however, this feature will be added to the PlayStation 4 version later this week.

Why isn’t this feature available on the PlayStation 4 version? Good question! Well, according to Panic’s Cabel Sasser This feature is a network service and consoles need to be “extra vigilant” when it comes to network access“We are actively investigating what it would take to make this happen on the PlayStation 4,” Sasser says. “Sony wants it and so do we!”

So how do you go about printing these photos? Well there’s an in-game disposable camera, you see, and photographing artist Olly Moss’s gorgeous landscapes is highly recommended; $15 nets you a set of 4″ x 6″ prints and they’ll ship free “almost anywhere.” Once you clear the game you are presented with a link presenting the option on an online store to purchase your screenshots and have them shipped.

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