Frantic Platform Shooter My Friend Pedro Gets A PS4 Release Date

Frantic Platform Shooter My Friend Pedro Gets A PS4 Release Date

Need a video game that will entertain but while also filled with potassium? Well My Friend Pedro is brilliantly addictive and crazy, but also contains plenty of bananas (there’s your potassium).

Already out on Xbox One, Switch and PC, My Friend Pedro is crazy and creative, platform shooter that will see you skateboarding through a pane of glass while blasting goons away with a sub-machine gun among many other ridiculous situations.

I reviewed My Friend Pedro back in June of last year (2019) and loved it, garnering it a lovely 8.5. But not everyone has been able to enjoy this whacky shooter, as the humble PS4 player hasn’t had the chance to get their hands on it…yet.

Luckily that drought will soon be over, as My Friend Pedro will be releasing on PS4 on April 2. The PS4 release will feature a few extra goodies thanks to the Code Yellow content. This will include 14 game modifiers, an in-game timer and a hidden HUD option.

If you haven’t seen anything from My Friend Pedro before, take a look at this new trailer for the PS4 release:

Have you played My Friend Pedro? Will you be grabbing it on PS4? Let us know.

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