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Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford Has F****d Up… Again

Another day, another Pitchford PR mess

If we all thought that Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford might be toning down his warped sense of humour or y’know, trying not to be such a shitbag lately, then I have bad news for you.

The face behind the incoming Borderlands 3 release has recently landed himself in some very hot water after sharing a video of a kitten (from a since suspended Twitter account) being pinched by a rather large crab and quite obviously, showing signs of distress and pain afterwards.

What the fuck bro.

His follow up tweet with the video? it is a doozy.

I tend to favor curiosity and disfavor setting up a feeling and empathetic creature for discomfort. Yet among the negative reactions I felt watching this, there’s also some other stuff that isn’t exactly negative. This makes me curious about how other people react…

Call me crazy here guys, but I for one can’t see anything other than negativity seeing an animal in pain, I know right!?

The onslaught of well deserved criticism to this truly weird tweet followed, so much of it in fact that it would be difficult to try and re-illiterate it all outside of the general consensus that this man has either has some deep rooted issues or simply likes getting a rise out of people, no matter what.

YouTuber TheQuateringhas made a video going for the Pitchford jugular that pretty much speaks for the majority of us all here.

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How about just sticking with promoting Borderlands 3 mate.

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