Ghost Of Tsushima Gets A Stunning New Cinematic Trailer

Ghost Of Tsushima Gets A Stunning New Cinematic Trailer

Developers Sucker Punch are doing their best to make damn sure that we’re all keen for their upcoming samurai action game Ghost of Tsushima. After the game went gold last week (June 23) we got a look at some beautiful concept art that Sucker Punch shared on their Twitter.

This morning (June 30) a new cinematic trailer dropped that is sure to get your katana quivering. Titled A Storm Is Coming, the trailer shows protagonist Jin cut through plenty of Mongol warriors as he transforms from an honourable samurai into the feared Ghost. Accompanied by some foreboding narration, this trailer sets the scene for what could be another Sony first-party winner.

Ghost of Tsushima releases exclusively on PS4 on July 17, 2020.

Are you keen for Ghost of Tsushima? What do you think of the new trailer? Let us know.

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