Grim Dawn, The Fantastic Diablo-Esque Dungeon Crawler, Is Free To Try Right Now

Although nothing has seemingly come close to heights of Diablo II, those of you who adore ARPG dungeon crawling, loot hounding and looking at build specs are in luck as we do have some pretty nifty alternatives these days if Diablo III didn’t quite scratch that itch.

Aside from the staples like Torchlight II and Path of Exile (Both awesome titles) there is another game that certainly deserves your attention in the form of Grim Dawn.

Originally released back in 2016 from developers Crate Entertainment, Grim Dawn takes the tried and true formula of Diablo II and gives it a modern gothic coat of paint while also giving players one of the deepest customisation systems I have seen in an RPG, it is also backed with consistent updates and massive expansions, some of which are paid and free depending on scope.

Grim Dawn is free to try out for another two days as of this time of writing via Steam on PC, and if you love what you see, the game is currently 70% off making it a juicy $11 AUD or so. The game is also available via GOG (but currently full RRP).

Cheaper than buying Maccas on your lunch break at work

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