Halo 5: Guardians Impressions, Gameplay and Q&A

Halo 5: Guardians Impressions, Gameplay and Q&A

October 27th sees the massive release of Halo 5: Guardians. The game marks Master Chief’s first foray on current-gen consoles and I got the privilege of previewing the game before release. After playing the campaign in full on both Heroic and Legendary I can say with confidence that fans will not be disappointed. Featuring a great story that expands the Halo universe that is bolstered by great performances and gorgeous cutscenes, this is the current-gen Halo that Xbox fans have been waiting for. With new weapons, evolved enemies and grand locales to explore, Halo continues to go from strength to strength. If you’ve got any specific questions about the campaign fire away in the comments section below. For those keen to see the game in action check out videos of four full campaign missions below. All missions are played on Legendary and it goes without saying that there are spoilers! My full review will go live on October 26th 6:01 PM AEDT and don’t forget to tune into my live streams  as we get closer to release for a look at both single player and multiplayer. See you on the battlefield Spartans…

Mission 1: Osiris

Led by Spartan Locke, Osiris team must infiltrate behind enemy lines to extarct Dr Halsey. Halsey has valuable information on Forerunner attacks on several colonies and is currently being exploited by interim leader of the Covenant, Jul ‘Mdama.

Mission Two: Blue Team

Master Chief leads Blue Team as they investigate an ONI research ship that’s been overtaken by Covenant Forces. During this routine operation MC is contacted by an old friend…

Mission Three: Glassed

Osiris Team make their way towards Meridian Station in search of Master Chief who appears to have gone AWOL.

Mission Eight: Swords of Sanghelios

Osiris Team enlist the help of the Arbiter who is now leader of the Swords of Sanghelios in order to gain access to an unactivated Guardian. The Arbiter is in the middle of a civil war with the Covenant and getting to him proves a challenge…


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