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Hearthstone – One Night in Karazhan’s Third Wing, the Menagerie, Now Live

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The third, and penultimate wing of Hearthstone’s latest Adventure, One Night in Karazhan, is live! In the first wing, party host and archmage, Medivh, went missing. Following this, the wares around his castle began to act out in arcane mischief without their master there to keep them in check. In the second wing, players threw back the curtains on one of Karazhan’s most luxurious features: Medivh’s private opera house, and battled through three thrilling performances run by Stage manager, Barnes. In week three, players can travel to the Menagerie, where Medivh’s collection of rare and super deadly creatures are on the loose. Step in and recapture the beasties before they eat any (more?) of the guests!

One Night in Karazhan offers up to 45 new cards for players, attainable by completing the prologue, each of the four wings, and triumphing over the class challenges. Besting the Menagerie wing unlocks Druid class card, Menagerie Warden;  Hunter class card, Cat Trick; The Curator, and more!

Find out more about the Menagerie on the official Hearthstone website here.


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