Heroes Of The Storm – Prepare To Clash In Volskaya Foundry

Heroes Of The Storm – Prepare To Clash In Volskaya Foundry

Pack your warmest winter combat gear HOTS fam, because Blizzard have just dropped info on all of the new juicy content coming in the next major update for Heroes of the Storm!

Welcome to Volskaya

First off, players will be taken into the Nexus with the newest Battleground—Volskaya Foundry. This snowy, sprawling three-lane control Battleground features Overwatch-style capture points, moving conveyor belts, and one of the coolest objective rewards yet—a giant mech to pilot with your team!

New Heroes Enter the Nexus

Two new Overwatch heroes will soon be joining the fight:

  • Ana — A burst Healer who uses precise skillshots to heal allies and can deny enemy healing.
  • Junkrat – It’s always a perfect day for some mayhem with this ranged Assassin.  He will be unleashing his madness soon!

New Brawl & Event Quest

  • This massive update also includes a fun new event, Pachimari Mania! Collect the Golden Pachimari and earn the new Pachimari portrait, emoji, banner, and spray.
  • Try out the fast-paced, high-octane mechanised Brawl, Bash ‘Em Smash ‘Em Robots!

New Skins and Mounts

  • Check out new Skins including Shrike Ana and Commandant Varian.
  • Ride into battle in style with the Celestial Raptor and the never before seen Invisible Horse mounts.
  • Destroyer D.Va skin.. Like shit, need we say more?

Showmatch on Volskaya Foundry

Gale Force Esports is set to square off against Team Freedom in the Volskaya Showdown! This five-game exhibition will pit two North American Heroes of the Storm juggernauts against each other on the new Battleground. Both Jacob ‘SolidJakeGG’ Kulinski and Josh ‘Jhow’ Howard will be providing live commentary when the broadcast begins 22 September at 3am AEST / 5am NZST on Twitch.tv/blizzheroes.

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