I’m In Love With Super Mario Maker 2’s Tutors

I’m In Love With Super Mario Maker 2’s Tutors

Okay so, let’s make this clear right now; I’m the guy who wrote that viral article about which Spyro dragons were super bone-able last year. Forget that though, it’s a new year and I’m not looking for a quick ride on a tall, dark, mythical beast. This year is a little more wholesome.

This year I want to marry Nina and Yamamura, Super Mario Maker 2′s tutorial characters.

Without going too much into the tutorials themselves, which I’ll cover in my review later this week, Super Mario Maker 2 has a great selection of lessons on all things covering the basics of level making right through to advanced game design tips. You’ll find them all in Yamamura’s Dojo on the game’s main menu screen, along with Yamamura himself; a talking pigeon and expert Mario Maker tutor.

Yamamura is joined by the adorable (and human) Nina, whose playful fashion sense and bubbly presence are the perfect foil to Yamamura’s cool and soothing demeanor. I hate to inadvertently make a reputation for myself with pining after video game creatures and characters but there’s something about these two that just makes a person feel safe, y’know? I won’t accept anyone else teaching me Mario Maker after spending time with them. I mean look at these cuties:

Also, Yamamura is a big fan of edamame and fried chicken, which I’m all about. All that’s left is to find out what their position is on polyamorous, interspecies relationships. My guess would be very open. 

Super Mario Maker 2 releases this Friday, June 28th for Nintendo Switch. Our full review will be live ahead of release, later this week.

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