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Warhorse Studios Announces Kingdom Come: Deliverance II

History in the making

Czech based developer Warhorse Studios has today unveiled its new action RPG, Kingdom Come: Deliverance II. The highly anticipated sequel to the 2018 game of the same name, Kingdom Come: Deliverance II will have been six years in the making by the time it launches sometime later this year. In an impressive first-look trailer, we get a glimpse back into Warhorse’s hyper-realistic medieval world, returning to the well-worn shoes of Henry as he navigates a land besieged by war, competing ideologies, and more.

Set in 15th-century Bohemia, the trailer runs through a whole host of Warhorse staples, from visceral first-person combat to its widely discussed “authentic” historical settings. In Kingdom Come: Deliverance II, players will be guiding Henry through a tumultuous tale of revenge and power as he is set on a violent trajectory through the land’s political and social systems following the murder of his parents.

Combat looks to be up close and personal

In pursuit of his revenge, Henry (and the player) will need to move through a detailed and (relatively) realistic rendition of medieval life. Despite the game’s over five hours of cinematics, the first Kingdom Come set the stage for a studio that creates RPGs mired in mundane daily tasks; so while we can obviously expect some big flashy moments, fans of the series will be pleased to hear that Warhorse Studios is maintaining the course.

As Henry leaves his humble blacksmith roots behind he’ll need to face down with kings and peasants alike, Warhorse promises an immersive and reactive RPG experience in Kingdom Come: Deliverance II. With a fully customisable Henry at your disposal, you’ll deploy him as you see fit, whether narratively or mechanically.

Henry, authentic medieval man

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance recieved its fair share of both praise and criticism at the time of release, but its long tail and cult following is hard to deny. The concept is a killer one, leaning into a more realistic world for your RPG, eschewing the typical dragons and magic for clumsy horses and fumbling stabs. In our review we landed somewhere in the middle, noting that the game’s “approach to a realistic action RPG is admirable and enjoyable, but not without its flaws”. Now, with the benefit of time and some fan hype, Kingdom Come: Deliverance II is primed to fully realise the vision of the first game while hopefully ironing out the kinks.

No solid release date as of yet but Warhorse Studios is aiming for a 2024 release on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S|X.

Written By James Wood

One part pretentious academic and one part goofy dickhead, James is often found defending strange games and frowning at the popular ones, but he's happy to play just about everything in between. An unbridled love for FromSoftware's pantheon, a keen eye for vibes first experiences, and an insistence on the Oxford comma have marked his time in the industry.


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