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Indulgent Tactical Fantasy Treat King’s Bounty II Collector’s Edition Revealed

King’s Bounty II pre-orders are live, King Collector’s Edition soon

For those who have had King’s Bounty II on their radar for a while now, pre-orders are now available, and it comes with the one thing gamers need more than a beanie to handle unkempt hair: a bloody crown.

If you’re big on Heroes of Might and Magic but the last two games haven’t been your speed, King’s Bounty: The Legend and its follow-ups are perhaps more in line with the fourth and fifth HOMM entries. Heck, have a little squiz to see if a copy of King’s Bounty has slipped into your library. It was previously low-tier fodder in some Humble Bundles and is a modest cult delight.

The King’s Bounty reboot of fantasy turned-based tactics games released in 2008, with multiple standalone follow-ups giving players new characters, incremental tweaks, and new adventures. Coming out of Germany with the endearingly AA imaginative flair that these smaller European titles do, 1C Entertainment has pulled the curtains and presented an amusing crowned centrepiece in their upcoming physical King Collector’s Edition.

No, really. This is something else. We see less of these whack, stylish collector’s boxes outside of World of Warcraft expansions and AAA releases, and I’m a bit of a slut for big, attractive cardboard.

So what do you get for being a collector of monarchs in the King Collector’s Edition?

  • King’s Bounty 2 Day One Edition + Bonus DLC
  • A collectible ‘real’ King’s crown
  • A double-sided poster featuring a world map
  • A 36-page hardcover artbook
  • A physical soundtrack

Sadly we are only being teased at this time and there are no dimensions on the crown nor date when pre-orders will be available for this crowning glory.

Digital pre-orders that went live from June 4 include the Lord and Duke Editions.

The Lord’s Edition with come with an extra helping of premium DLC on top of the Day One Edition is available here.

Steam and Epic Games Store will have The Duke’s Edition on offer and is the most comprehensive digital offering. On top of all the DLC from the Lord’s Edition, an exclusive digital OST and artbook are included.

If you’ve been tickled for this game since it was announced last year, look forward to King’s Bounty 2 and its many editions launching on August 24 on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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