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Introducing Our New Video Series Talkthrough

You’ve heard of a walkthrough, well this is a Talkthrough

When we first launched WellPlayed we did so with a simple premise and a humble promise. A group of avid Aussie gamers coming together to provide readers with our own spin on games coverage. And over the years that foundation has served us well as we’ve highlighted local grown talent with Made in Australia, talked endless amounts of shit on what we like to think of as Australia’s juiciest gaming podcast, and broadly worked hard to use our enthusiasm for the industry to deliver reliable, informative, and entertaining news, reviews, and features. 

At the beginning of the year, one of our goals was to have a bigger focus on video content and thanks to our hard working editing team and a whole lot of zeal, we’ve produced some fantastic video reviews and previews over the past twelve months. 

But we wanted to do more – something that allowed us to not only celebrate video games and the creative process behind them, but also to have fun and let the WellPlayed charm flow freely.

Today we’re excited to announce Talkthrough – our new video series that is part walkthrough, part interview and full of good vibes. Each episode of Talkthrough will see us chat with developers about their game while someone from WellPlayed plays through that same game, ideally for the first time. 

We’re stoked to be kicking the series off with the Aussie-made Broken Roads from Drop Bear Bytes, with studio co-founder and game director Craig Ritchie joining us in the hot seat. Together we play through a selection of the game’s earlier quests, including never-before-seen content, while we talk all things Australian culture, development expectations and much more.

Talkthrough has been a labour of love and wouldn’t be possible without the legends at SteelSeries who are getting behind the show and powering our succulent voices with the new SteelSeries Alias microphones. If you want to know more about the Alias mic range you can read our announcement article here.

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Another big shoutout must go to Simon Blackburn for designing Talkthrough’s amazing artwork. He’s also the wizard behind our tasty WellPlayed DLC Podcast and Made In Australia artwork.

From all of us at WellPlayed, we hope you enjoy watching Talkthrough.

Written By WellPlayed




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