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Introducing WellPlayed

A new dawn

Things change. People change. Hairstyles change. Interest rates fluctuate. The only constant in life is change and we here at Do You Even Game Bro? have decided it’s time for a change. We’ve grown a lot over the past three years, and just like that favourite pair of jorts you wore in high school, we feel there’s something we’ve grown out of. Yes, in the spirit of inclusiveness and social progress we are ditching the DYEGB name and embracing a new and exciting rebrand. Henceforth, the same Aussie gaming journalists with hearts of gold that once made up Do You Even Game Bro? will hold hands under a new moniker: WellPlayed.

Encouraging every man, woman, child and sentient AI to indulge in the fantastic past-time that is gaming? That’s WellPlayed. Realising that it’s not about owning a specific console and becoming its loyal servant and ardent defender, but owning and loving all of them? That’s WellPlayed. Playing a theoretical game called Well? That’s Well played. Praising the skill of someone who just killed you in an online multiplayer game and not blaming it on lag? That’s…ridiculous.

While our name might be changing, we remain dedicated to the same open and honest content and jort-related puns that our readers have come to expect from our team. We plan to focus a little more on covering the talented developers from our own shores, and engage more with the community in the form of podcasts and inspirational quotes on pictures of sunsets. We want to thank each and every one of you that has read a DYEGB article, entered into one of our competitions, commented or tweeted/retweeted us on one of our social channel pages (good and bad comments) or watched one of our YouTube videos or tuned into one of our live Twitch streams. It is because of you that we have gotten to where we are; we couldn’t have done this without your support and banter.

So join us in this new chapter, we promise it will be better than pay-to-win microtransactions, but it’ll be no Porsche Challenge.

Sidebar: Please bear with us over the next couple of weeks as this transition occurs. There are still some broken/old elements to the new site (linking back to DYEGB) that will be fixed over the coming weeks. The old URL will remain active for another couple weeks (at most) while we ensure that everything operates as intended. If you find something broken/strange please do let us know either in the comments below, Facebook message or by emailing


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