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KontrolFreek Introduces Nintendo Switch Products

KontrolFreek introducing Nintendo Switch products to their lineup marks the company’s first major product platform expansion since 2009

Announced today, KontrolFreek has revealed its lineup of Nintendo Switch-compatible Performance Gaming Gear. This release also marks the company’s first major product platform expansion since its founding in 2009.

The core product in the company’s Nintendo Switch line will be the KontrolFreek Turbo. This Performance Thumbstick set will add 83 percent more surface area, and 4.4 mm of height to standard Switch Joy-Con thumbsticks for a more comfortable, and precise gaming experience for players.

These thumbsticks will also feature:

Alongside the KontrolFreek Turbo, the company’s Nintendo Switch lineup will also include:

  • FPS Freek Thumbstick Sets for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
  • KontrolFreek Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch
  • Performance Grips for Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

All of the products mentioned above will be launching on the 24th of October 2017.

So, what do you think of KontrolFreek’s latest additions, will you be getting your hands on anything? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Written By Tegan Walsh-Jones

Tegan began gaming with her father when they would play Street Fighter together on her Nan’s PlayStation. Since then she has fallen in love with indie games, AAA games (I’m looking at you Tekken) and everything in between. Starting off as a console player, and more specifically an Xbox player, Tegan has now recently begun her new gaming ventures on PC. You can find her playing dating sims on Steam @carrotphernelia if you so wish.


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