Looks Like Kmart Is Flogging Cheap Gaming Accessories Now

It’s no secret that with streaming and online multiplayer gaming ever on the rise, the market for PC and console gaming accessories like keyboards, mice and headsets is booming. Compare the shop floor of your local EB Games or JB Hi-Fi to what it was five years ago and that much is obvious. Big-name brands like Logitech, Razer, SteelSeries and more line shelves with ‘pro’ gaming products designed to give players a competitive edge and look fly at the same time. But where do you go when your bank account isn’t quite ready to drop upwards of $500 on gaming gear?

You go to Kmart, apparently.

That’s right, Australia’s favourite destination for cheap homewares seems to be dipping its toes back into the gaming space with some frighteningly affordable kit. Like this $40 mechanical keyboard and $15 gaming mouse:

Obviously there’s no telling what the quality of this stuff is going to be like, but we’ve all seen Aussie mums go crazy over the store’s budget vacuum cleaners and air fryers, so who knows?

While you’re there, would you mind picking me up one of those faux cow hide rugs and some ugly wall art? Trying to do up the flat.

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