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Magic’s Commander Format Gets Its Own Masters Release

The greatest hits of MTG Commander

2023 seems to be yet another year running of Magic The Gathering occupying the zeitgeist as the current hotness across the digital and tabletop card game space. In so small part thanks to the gangbusters recent Lord of The Rings crossover, no doubt. It seems like that release was just a few weeks back (it was), and now Magic has served up a new set over this last weekend.

Riding the momentum of MTG’s current hot streak is the latest Masters release, this time focused around Magic’s fan-favourite Commander format. The Commander Masters line dropped on Friday, August 4, reaching into the series’ burgeoning backlog to modernise some popular reprinted cards while bringing them into the current competitive landscape. Long-term Magic fans eager to see famous cards from the series’ history translate over to the 100-card epic format is an interesting move with so many new and returning players to the game. Doubly so with this Masters set featuring 40 new cards, rather than the typical reprint-only Masters sets that have come before.

Sol Ring Command Tower

As we’ve come to expect with each new major release, there are some cool card variations to be found in the supplementary Commander Masters booster packs launching with this line. Frame Break cards are the new variations for players to hunt down, with the artwork breaking forth from the image box and expanding across the entirety of the card’s surface. Rather than just expanding the frame of existing card artwork, these special cards feature new art that makes these cards pop in play.

If you’re hungry for more Commander and want to go nuts throwing together some truly wild 100-card decks, EB Games or JB Hi-Fi will stock up your reserves. Me and my mates, we’re a bit casual and might just stick with the pre-built Commander decks on offer in this set. Be sure to also check out the Commander Masters Draft Boosters, Set Boosters, and Collectors Boosters.

You’ve no doubt heard of Magic’s wildly popular Commander format, but have you been brave enough to give it a go? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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Written By Nathan Hennessy


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