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May Monster Hunter Digital Event – Crimson Glow Valstrax, Apex Zinogre And More DLC

3.0 goes live today!

It’s time for more even Monster Hunter news, though this time we don’t really know what to expect. Here is our recap of the presentation.

Same as last time we are starting with the latest news for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

  • First there is a new trailer. Pits of light that emit rage-rays are making monsters aggravated. We also see an returning character
  • The Rite of Channeling – You can find eggs at the deepest part of monster dens that allow you to tame monsters. Take the egg back to your stable to hatch a new monster. The Rite of Channeling allows you to transfer genes between monsties. Using this you can make well rounded to specialised monsties.

Next its time for Monster Hunter Rise 3.0 information

  • There is a new trailer for Rise as well. We see Crimson Glow Valstrax as well as Apex Zinogre.
  • The update will be available on May 27.
  • The flagship monster from Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate has a new version, Crimson Glow Valstrax that looks really sick.
  • Apex Zinogre is covered in golden lightning and will appear in rampage and standard quests.
  • There is a new ending to the story where Elder Dragons Narhwa and Ibushi come together.
  • We will be able to change the appearance of rampage weapons.
  • Another wave of DLC is coming. Pack three includes more hunter voices, more layered armour including a funny palamute helmet and cat ears plus more cahoot layered armour including a wyvern.
  • We also get a roadmap for future updates: A series of ‘Capcom Collab’ event quests for Capcom related layered armours are coming. The first will be in Mid-June for palico armour of Tsukino from Monster Hunter Stories 2. Version 3.1 is happening at the end of June (DLC and event quests), with two more collabs at the end of July and August.

Check out the presentation for yourself below if you missed it:

What do you think of the new monsters? Do you think there will be an additional surprise monster like last time? Make sure you go download the update now!

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