Melbourne Is Hosting A Free Live Gig Of The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 & 2 Soundtracks In October

Melbourne Is Hosting A Free Live Gig Of The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 & 2 Soundtracks In October

When you think of the best video game soundtracks of all time, one series that always gets a mention is Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. The iconic titles, which first released in 1999, featured a number of songs from notable bands such as Goldfinger, The Dead Kennedys, Rage Against the Machine, and Powerman 5000 have been a fan favourite ever since.

Now, just over twenty years later, a popular music venue (and well-known burger joint) in Melbourne’s north is bringing the magic back for one massive night of nostalgia.

The gig, which is being hosted by The B.EAST in Brunswick East on Saturday, October 12, will also feature a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater competition on PlayStation with plenty of giveaways to be won. And it’s free entry.

The event’s Facebook page says the following:

Strap on your best pair of Globes, get ready to grind the school rail and dust off that Playstation because we are putting an all-star, live band performance of the Songs from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater plus a Tony Hawk’s competition on October 12.

Assembling a killer band from scratch and to perform banger after banger from Tony Hawk’s 1 & 2 live, we’re stoked to announce the tracks will be performed and fronted by many of Melbourne’s most menacing musicians, featuring a huge combo of members from Destrends, Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice, Mesa Cosa, Slim Jeffries, Defron, Sugar Teeth, Clear Tears, Mangelwurzel, Dick Willoughby & the Dirty Stop Outs & More!

Event information

Venue: The B.EAST – 80 Lygon St, Brunswick East
Time: 7 pm to 11:30 pm
Entry cost: F R E E
Tony Hawk comp from 7 pm. Sign up opens at 6 pm

This is a must-attend for all Tony Hawk Pro Skater fans!

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