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‘Mr Sakurai Presents’ – The Final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Is…Sora!

The impossible was finally made possible!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, even before the DLC fighter passes, was a monumental achievement in terms of the sheer number of crossovers and playable characters. Then we got 11 more characters (including Piranha Plant) across two DLC fighter passes including some huge fan favourites like Banjo Kazooie and Sephiroth. Today it is time to find out who the final DLC fighter is in the last ‘Mr Sakurai Presents’ livestream. We should see all the details about this fighter as well as the last set of Mii fighter costumes. Sakurai has already said himself that this is the end, that there will be no more additions, but I think we all agree as much as we’d love more, he really does deserve a break.

Here is our recap of the presentation:

  • Firstly, the presentation started with the Mii Fighter Costumes: Octoling from Splatoon (hat), Judd from Splatoon (hat), Doom Slayer (Gunner). Releasing on October 18.
  • Three and a half years have passed since the beginning, it’s been an incredibly long project.
  • The final fighter is…Sora! They actually added Sora from Kingdom Hearts! They didn’t remove the Mickey icon from his Keyblade either.
  • Sora wielding the Keyblade in Smash is surreal. Six years ago, during the Fighter Request Poll, Sora was the most requested fighter, but he wasn’t possible at the time so they didn’t announce the results. Apparently, it was a huge undertaking getting Sora in.
  • Sora excels at airborne fighting being a floaty character. His biggest weakness is his weight, as he’s lighter than Isabelle and Young Link.  His costumes are based on Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts 3D – Dream Drop Distance and Kingdom Hearts III. They have also added a Timeless River design that has its own facial animations.
  • His attacks are based on the original Kingdom Hearts game. Sealing the Keyhole is the name of the Final Smash but Sakurai isn’t showing it to us here, we get to experience it for ourselves.
  • The new stage is from Rising Falls – Hollow Bastian from Kingdom Hearts, it is a simple platform stage. The stage changes to ‘Dive into the Heart’ with the stained glass of different characters occurring when there is low stock or time remaining.
  • Nine songs are being added and they’re just like they were in the original game. There is an arrangement of Hand in Hand for the victory screen.
  • If you have save data from Memory of Melody you will get a swing version of one of the tracks.
  • Sora will go live on October 18th.
  • Amiibos of Steve and Alex from Minecraft are releasing in Autumn 2022. Sephiroth, Pyra, Mythra and Kazuya are also coming at a later date.
  • Kingdom Hearts games are coming to Switch! Kingdom Hearts HD I.5, II.5 Remix, Kingdom Hearts II.8 HD Final Chapter Prologue, Kingdom Hearts III are all coming via the cloud function though so RIP if you have bad internet. More information will be announced in the future.
  • The line-up banner is finally complete!
  • They have compiled all of the game’s achievements. 89 Fighters, 116 stages, 201 items, over 1100 songs, 1496 spirits, over 450 games featured, 2200 characters featured, 140 Mii Fighter costumes, 2.2 billion hours played and 90 billion KO’s.
  • We are ending with the full version of Sora’s reveal trailer. That final handshake between Sora and Mario is a huge moment.

Thank you, Sakurai! They actually did it. The Kingdom Hearts games are finally coming to Switch! Are you happy with Sora joining Smash? Who were you hoping to see? Let us know in the comments or on our social media.

Written By Eleanore Blereau

When Eleanore isn’t trying to figure out how the Earth works she’s trying to pay off her loan in Animal Crossing, complete her Pokedex or finishing one more RPG or platformer. She is a lover of great characters, cute or creative art styles and awesome game soundtracks.


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