Muffled Warfare Is a Multiplayer Shooter Where Everyone Is Blind

Muffled Warfare Is a Multiplayer Shooter Where Everyone Is Blind

Here at WellPlayed we were big fans of Singapore-based indie studio Gattai Games’ eerie stealth horror game Stifled, a title that robbed players of their sense of sight, forcing them to use sound to navigate and survive.

In one of those ‘why didn’t they think of this sooner?’ moments, Gattai Games has today announced Muffled Warfarean upcoming title that takes the echolocation-based concept of Stifled and applies it to the multiplayer shooter genre.

From the creators of Stifled, comes a brave new entry into the echolocation-game genre, Muffled Warfare.

Muffled Warfare is a multiplayer first-person echolocation shooter where everyone is blind and uses sounds to SEE, SHOOT and SILENCE their competition.
Remember that blind superhero that dresses up like a devil in red? Yea, think that, but with guns.

Muffled Warfare releases via Steam Early Access on the 27th April 2018 9am PST (28th April 2018 2am AEST). You can see a short teaser trailer below:

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