MvC: Infinite’s Story Will Tell You Why Its Worlds Collide

MvC: Infinite’s Story Will Tell You Why Its Worlds Collide

The Marvel Vs Capcom series is no stranger to the ridiculous, which makes it all the more astounding when you realise that the latest entry to the series, MvC: Infinity is even crazier. Currently in development by Capcom, The plot follows the heroes and villains of the Marvel and Capcom universes, who must work together to save their merged worlds against a new threat, Ultron Sigma.

Introducing new characters to the franchise, and putting the incredible power of Marvels most magnificent macguffins (the infinity stones) in the hands of the players, the game is looking to make a serious splash in the competitive fighting scene. We were fortunate enough to talk with Capcom Associate Producer Peter Rosas regarding what makes Infinite special.

DYEGB: Marvel has such a dynamic and rich cast of characters, both good and evil – What kind of factors decide who should and shouldn’t be playable within the game?

PR: We definitely need to make sure that we have characters that are not only ones that the Marvel and Capcom fans want to see but also ensure that we have a roster that compliments each other. We need characters that are small and quick and also large and slower characters so that we can offer all types of gameplay to balance the playing field. Additionally, we make sure that although some characters might be the same size or seem to similar, there aren’t any redundancies. Rocket Raccoon and X in the latest trailer are a great combination of characters from each universe as they both like their tech and gadgets and are small, but you can expect them to both bring different styles of gameplay to Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.

DYEGB: The Marvel Cinematic Universe is just beginning its massive Phase 3 deployment, and we can see Ms.Marvel in the game already – Can we expect any cool content regarding Thor: Ragnarok or Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2?

PR: We’ve just announced our pre-order incentives which contain a Warrior Thor costume for the Standard Edition and both the Warrior Thor and Gladiator Hulk costumes, similar to what’s seen in Thor: Ragnorak, for the Deluxe Edition. We also just announced Rocket Raccoon. You can expect his quirky love of gadgets to transpire across. You’ll have to wait and see what other content we have up our sleeves though I’m afraid.

DYEGB: Will we get to pit Hulk against the Hulkbuster armor?

PR: You can definitely pit Iron Man against Hulk. Unfortunately he won’t be in the Hulkbuster armor though.

The gameplay system offers lots of depth and allows for players to really create their identity through gameplay, something that’s important to our core player base

– Peter Rosas

DYEGB: Have you ever considered adding oddball characters from a long lost IP to the game, Such as PowerStone?

PR: We definitely spend a lot of time thinking about what characters we would like to bring back to the Capcom and Marvel worlds. We’ve recently been asked about Power Stone in another interview now you come to mention it! We’ve currently announced 14 characters and still have more to announce for the title so stay tuned for more news on the roster in the build up to launch – you never know who you might see!

DYEGB: Can we look forward to seeing some old Marvel Vs. Capcom favourite returning – for example, Venom?

PR: As much as I’d like to tell you who made the roster and who did not, we’re only discussing the recently revealed 14 characters at present. We’ve still got plenty more characters to announce, so stay tuned for additional characters that will be appearing in the game if you’ve yet to see your favourite.

DYEGB: Do you have high hopes for a competitive scene for the game? MVC has long been an amazing tournament game.

PR: We haven’t any announcements to make at this time regarding our eSports plans for the title but we’re confident it will definitely make its mark on the tournament scene once it launches. The gameplay system offers lots of depth and allows for players to really create their identity through gameplay, something that’s important to our core player base, so we’re really looking forward to seeing what strategies players come up with for their favourite characters.

DYEGB: Will there ever a future possibility to add non MCU characters like X-Men?

PR: We’ve no further character announcements to make at this time but the legacy of the X-Men as part of the MvC series is not lost on us. The story is driving the character roster for us with Infinite and we are taking into account all characters that have appeared in the franchise, as well as new ones. We’ll have more announcements to make soon!

DYEGB: How accessible will the game be for people who aren’t a part of the Marvel or Capcom fandoms?

PR: We’ve created a brand new storyline for Infinite which tells the story about why the two universes are battling against each other. This is something that we’ve never been able to do before and is a completely original concept that we’ve worked on through close collaboration with Marvel. Because of this we feel this is a great entry point to the series for gamers who might not be familiar with the MvC universes.

DYEGB: Do you have plans to release the title for the Nintendo Switch?

PR: Infinite is confirmed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

DYEGB: Will you offer PS4 Pro benefits such as 4K and HDR for supporting consoles?

PR: We have no announcements about this at this time.

DYEGB: Thank you for your time. We look forward to the release of Marvel v Capcom Infinite!


Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite explodes into action on September 19, 2017.

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