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NEO: The World Ends With You Opening Movie Drops

Wake up, show appreciation

On the back of this season’s The World Ends With You anime, Square have just dropped the follow-up’s opening movie on their socials.

Dropping on July 27 on the Nintendo Switch and PS4, this is the long-awaited follow up to the cult-classic action RPG that released on Nintendo DS way back in 2008. TWEWY was celebrated for having one of the most ambitious and catchy OSTs on the humble handheld, alongside a gorgeous cel-shaded, anime-inspired world to get lost in. Once again set in Shibuya, the colour-soaked virtual tourism couldn’t come at a better time for the travel-hungry Japanophiles among us. 

I was blown away by the scope, story and unmatched gameplay of the trendy, hip-hoppy original and still maintain it as a personal favourite. For those looking for something Persona-adjacent, is this trailer tickling your interest? 

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