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New Nintendo Switch Console Reportedly Set For September-October Release

New Switch coming? Pro-bably

Bloomberg has reported that the release of a new model of Nintendo Switch console could happen as early as September this year.

Citing anonymous sources familiar with the matter, the report goes on to say that the console will be priced higher than the current model and may be revealed ahead of this year’s E3 conference on June 12. This would allow developers to begin to show off their compatible games during the event.

The console, which will replace the current version and sit alongside the cheaper Switch Lite, is expected to begin shipping from assembly in July with production ramped up in October leading into the holiday season.

Clearly this is still just a rumour at this stage, but given Bloomberg’s credibility it stands to reason that their sources are likely legitimate.

We’ll be keeping an eye on any more on this and report it here at WellPlayed as it comes.

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Kieron's been gaming ever since he could first speak the words "Blast Processing" and hasn't lost his love for platformers and JRPGs since. A connoisseur of avant-garde indie experiences and underground cult classics, Kieron is a devout worshipper at the churches of Double Fine and Annapurna Interactive, to drop just a couple of names.


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