Nintendo Has Gifted Us With This Loaded Astral Chain Trailer

Nintendo Has Gifted Us With This Loaded Astral Chain Trailer

Keen for Nintendo and PlatinumGames’ new super-stylish action game Astral Chain and hungry for details, or quietly hype and looking for a reason to get super hype?

How does almost ten full minutes of gameplay in the form of an informational trailer sound? Yeah, you know it sounds good. It’s worth noting this trailer previously made the rounds in Japan, so if you tracked it down then you won’t see much new, but Nintendo has just blessed its English-speaking fans with a translated version.

The video covers off a ton of juicy gameplay details, mostly in regards to combat and the ‘Legions’, the living weapons tethered to your player character (hence the name Astral Chain). It goes pretty in-depth too, so I guess it the idea of gameplay spoilers is a thing that bothers you, maybe gloss over this one? Otherwise, totally eyeball it right here:

Astral Chain hits the Nintendo Switch this August 30th, and there’s a snazzy Collector’s Edition still available to preorder over at EB Games.

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