Nintendo Patents A Console Without A Disc Drive

Nintendo Patents A Console Without A Disc Drive

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I hope you’ve learned to fully embrace digital gaming, because it seems like Nintendo might not be giving an option for physical games in the next generation. Of course, that’s just pure speculation at this point, based on a new patent from Nintendo for a gaming console without a disc drive.



It could also mean nothing, and Nintendo is just patenting ideas to keep its future plans soundly intact.

The patent was filed back in February, and for what it lacks in a disc drive, it makes up for with a “display unit,” hinting at a return of a built-in screen, and memory card slots. Some at NeoGAF speculated that this could also be Nintendo’s return to cartridge based gaming, but I’ll throw that idea out based on how expensive and inconvenient such cartridges would be on the modern day market.

Anything is possible as it’s just a patent. It could be a “mini” version of the Wii U or even a portable Wii U. It could be the upcoming NX. It could be something Nintendo never wants to really make, just patent and license out. If the Big N does move on from physical games though and fully embraces the digital age, how would you feel about that?

I’m already aboard with my Nintendo 3DS and Wii U loaded with digital games, but the company really needs to fix its issue with never having enough storage memory.

The future is coming. 
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