Overwatch Heats Up For Valentines Day

Overwatch Heats Up For Valentines Day

As that wonderful time of year approaches in which couples gift each other with flowers, chocolate and other dumb shit, the Overwatch crew are gearing up to get in on the sweet loving as well with what could be a new seasonal event for the occasion.

As pvplive.net reported earlier today, redditor /u/akhanubis: has data-mined some new voice lines which could very well indicate a certain beam wielding angel and a grumpy cyborg have an inkling to knock boots.

No word yet on just how much of an event Valentines day will be in the Overwatch universe (New Years just had a handful of new lines, nothing more) but the attention to detail both big and small Blizzard incorporates into the game like this is always welcome.

Check out a handful of the new lines below and then thrust those hips with some John Paul Young.

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