Overwatch’s First New Character Revealed

Overwatch’s First New Character Revealed

They say the world could always use more heroes – specifically, more Support heroes.

Thankfully the wait is now a great deal shorter, thanks to Blizzard unveiling their first new post-release character, Ana, who is a sniper based support character.

And for those who just love the little nuggets of lore the game offers, they have also released a short backstory video to explain how this motherly sniper came to lose her eye, and her relationships with established characters like Pharah (her daughter) and Widowmaker (her nemesis).

There was a great deal of speculation towards Ana being included in the game, particularly in regards to a lot of the existing art for the game that prolifically showed the original Overwatch crew. Most of these images showed a better time, with Ana smiling and standing proudly with her team – but now we know that it didn’t last.

Ana, far left

Ana, far right.

It’s exciting to see the Overwatch game world expand, and with the production value on new content set at a premium Blizzard seems really keen on delivering the goods.

Expect Ana to be released whenever Blizzard goddamn feels like it.

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