Paris, The Latest Overwatch Map Has Dropped Into The PTR

The latest map to be hitting Overwatch has dropped quietly into the PTR today, and folks, we are travelling to the land of love, coffee and bicycles.

Paris is an assault map, and from the looks of it is quite the exquisite map bustling with a focus on firefights in the narrow streets before a final showdown next to the historic Seine.

Other things to keep an eye out for when jumping in:

  • Visit the Cabaret Luna, home to musical talents of diva, Luna.
  • Stop by the Pâtisserie Galand, known for their delicate mille-feuille and colourful macarons.
  • Take a leisurely stroll through the Maison Marat – a grand palace hosting a gala in the heart of the city.

And with that, Il n’y a pas de meilleur moment pour prendre un croissant et devenir un veuf principal dès aujourd’hui!

A long-time gamer, Trent is a passionate advocate and writer on all things to do with ANZ esports. Before joining the WellPlayed family, Trent was involved in the Australian film industry as well as writing film compositions and ambient electronic music for various labels around the world.