Pokemon GO Is Now a go in Australia

Pokemon GO Is Now a go in Australia

Pokemon Go is here at last.

If you live in the land down under you are among the first lucky buggers able to download the free to play title via iOS and Android right now!

For those who may have been passed out the back of Brock’s gym these past few years, Pokemon GO uses a smartphone’s GPS and camera to let players “catch” Pokemon in the real world. Although the game features gym battles, PokeCenters and other features from the core Pokemon game, Nintendo and Niantic designed the game with an emphasis on movement and exploration.

It will be interesting to see just how far people will be willing to travel to capture various Pokemon types, but the hype is indeed real as our childhood dreams of seeing a Voltorb at a dangerous power plant or Gyrados at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean are about to become a reality.

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