Psychonauts 2 Is Shaping Up Wonderfully In Debut Story Trailer

Psychonauts 2 Is Shaping Up Wonderfully In Debut Story Trailer

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost exactly three years since Tim Schafer took the stage at the The Game Awards 2015 and dropped the game announcement I’d dreamed about for a decade prior. It’s equally hard to believe that it’s been this long and that very game, Psychonauts 2, has only just received a debut ‘story’ trailer, appropriately at The Game Awards 2018.

The trailer introduces the next chapter in the story of Razputin, an ex-circus child performer and gifted psychic who, after the events of the first game, is now a fully-fledged member of the elite psychic force known as the Psychonauts. It’s all still firmly in ‘teaser’ territory, with just a little story set-up and a tiny amount of gameplay on show, but what’s there is already looking phenomenal.

Importantly, the trailer ends with a splash screen showing a ‘2019’ release window, which is great news for anyone worried that development was slow going. Psychonauts 2’s development is being funded partially through crowdfunding campaign Fig, and partially under a publishing agreement with Starbreeze (who you’ll have seen recently in the news after their offices were raided and one employee arrested on insider trading charges).

Check the trailer out below:

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