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Rick And Morty Get Next-Gen With A New Crossover PS5 Ad

A quick ad Morty, in and out

The PlayStation 5 has been around for a bit over a week now, with many players getting stuck into the new games on new hardware, but that doesn’t mean that the marketing machine has stopped, far from it. Apparently, Sony isn’t content with your standard ad that depicts a group of friends huddled around a tv, instead choosing to enlist the help of folks like Nick Kyrgios and Travis Scott to promote the PS5.

By far my favourite advertisement to come out of the blue brand, however, has just surfaced, a crossover with the ever-popular animated duo of Rick and Morty. The squeaky teen and surly scientist are in fine form with this one, with Morty running down the features of the PS5 while Rick sits behind him, sounding stacks of cash that Sony paid them for their services. It’s a short, 30-second ad, but it’s filled with some classic Rick and Morty humour so it’s worth a watch:

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Did you manage to get your hands on a PS5? What have you been playing? Let us know.

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