Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Will Include Mulitplayer

If you’re an avid of the sniping subgenre like myself, you’ve probably kept at least half an eye on the upcoming Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 from CI Games.If you have then you’ve probably noticed the lack of talk about the game’s potential multiplayer modes. In fact, in an interview that we conducted with CI Games in July of last year, a CI Games representative told us that CI Games were keen to add multiplayer in but that it may not be available day one. Keep in mind that this was before the game’s delay to January 2017 – which was then further delayed until April 4, 2017. Since our interview with CI Games there has been almost radio silence on whether the game will include multiplayer. However, yesterday GameSpot yesterday published an interview with CI Games’ CEO, Marek Tyminski, who confirmed that game will indeed have multiplayer. Check out the Q&A below:

MT: We will also have multiplayer content. Our goal is not that we want to be at the complex level of multiplayer like Call of Duty or Battlefield. We treat it more as a like a solid addition to the single player campaign. We’ll let people have the team deathmatch mode and something unique to our game. I think it’s important to have that part, because it can be sniping centric. It will be more unique and will be different from other multiplayer modes. This is something that we are looking into further expanding and upgrading over the DLC’s after the release.

GS: How large are the multiplayer teams?

MT: It’s too early to really confirm, I don’t want to say something that we will not deliver at the final game.

GS: Are you considering PvE co-op, where say, three friends take on bots?

MT: We are considering PvE, we haven’t made a final decision on that, but we definitely want to expand DLC multiplayer content after the release.

To read the full interview click here.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 will release on April 4, 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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