Snipperclips Review

No Paper cuts Required
Developer: SFB Games Publisher: Nintendo Platform: Switch

It's like running with scissors - Only you ARE the scissors.

Snipperclips may well be the best fun you can have cutting paper where scissors are not involved. The simple, child-like joy from creating shapes is no longer jealously hoarded by the children of our generation! It is to be enjoyed and celebrated by all people who can afford a Nintendo Switch! Hurrah disposable income.

Truthfully the game is a fantastic example of a simplistic premise lovingly applied to as many oddball situations that a mortal mind can dream up. Coupled with Snipperclips’ true spirit as a proper ‘couch co-op’ title, if you don’t find yourself smiling while playing this game with a friend, you *may* be dead inside.

If you don’t find yourself smiling while playing this game with a friend, you may be dead inside.

This is a game that is comfortable doing what it does best, and what it does best is delight the player by making you feel like a crafty son-of-a-beeswax. Solving puzzles can come in a variety of ways, mostly based on player preference – like what shapes suits the solution best. I took great pleasure in replaying many puzzles from the game with a number of interested friends, and to my delight we ended up solving the same puzzles in a number of ways. The ‘solution’ may have come from the same line of thinking, but the different mindsets of my friends resulted in creative new ways to achieve the goal. It’s especially fascinating when looking at the even swinging pendulum of ‘effort’ versus ‘finesse’ – Do you spend 10 minutes chopping your friend into a perfect cog to blitz the mechanic in 2 hot seconds? Or haphazardly slice him into a hilariously awful lumpy potato thing, to then mash your head into the puzzle for 10 minutes for the same result. Both results are entertaining!

The ‘A-ha!’ moments come thick and fast, which is just the way I like it. It’s also a top line contender for the ‘Just one more level‘ game of the year award, considering the number of times my friends and I found ourselves losing considerable hours to the snipping of clips. As the variety of level mechanics shifts and shuffles, the odd ‘freebie’ level will be thrown in to keep the mindbending nature of the game at a reasonable level. It’s a very calculated flow of gameplay that makes sure your interest stays piqued, while also fostering a healthy curiosity at what could possibly come next.

Final Thoughts

Snipperclips is an exercise in simplicity. It takes a basic set of gameplay mechanics, and crafts incredibly fun situations to put them to work in a way that never gets old – and even if you think it might, they keep it fresh with every newly unlocked level.

Reviewed on my beloved Nintendo Switch


  • Lighthearted fun for all involved
  • Clever puzzles that just keep delivering
  • Oddly charming characters
  • Wide variety of levels
  • Replayability = Very yes

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