Something Old Hints at Something New – E3 2016 Bethesda Conference

E3 is now in full swing, and with the Bethesda presentation having finished up, I find it unsurprising that amongst all of the amazing new stuff they showcased, it is something truly old that has captured my interest.

At the beginning of their conference, there was a brief moment where a DOS launch command was used before displaying the details for Quake: Champions (which I paid very little attention to). Upon this slide, the following was shown:


Now it’s obvious that the IP names and corresponding dates tell their own story – But the mention of Wolfenstein (sadly absent from the Bethesda presentation this year) does give me hope. What is New Colossus? Will it be additional DLC to the existing New Order from 2014? Or will it be a more robust sequel release?

This could simply be a neat way to show people that they have not forgotten about the leading IP that features supernatural Nazis, or perhaps it alludes to something they are holding on to for an announcement later in the year. Bethesda’s current landscape of releases are in a really strong place right now, and following the current warm response to both Fallout 4 and Doom, I want to live in a world where Wolfenstein is in a similar state of health. Make it so Bethesda, I believe in you.

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