Sony Confirms That They Now Own Microsoft Exclusive Sunset Overdrive

Sony Confirms That They Now Own Microsoft Exclusive Sunset Overdrive

If you asked me what games I’ve actually played and finished on the Xbox One, one of maybe three that I’d list would be Sunset Overdrive (and to be honest the others would just be Viva Pinata and Lost Odyssey). Insomniac Games did a great job of bringing something fresh and different to the console, and though it didn’t set the world ablaze it’s definitely one of the generation’s more memorable early titles.

Fast forward to August 2019 and, somewhat fresh off of delivering the excellent PlayStation exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man, the announcement comes out that Sony have bought and acquired Insomniac. Since the news broke, gamers have wondered a few things such as when we’ll see a new Ratchet and Clank (just me?), but most interestingly whether or not this means PlayStation now owns the Xbox and PC-exclusive Sunset Overdrive.

Well, today’s the day we finally get confirmation and the answer is yes. As suspected, since Insomniac retained the rights to Sunset Overdrive since producing it, that property stays with them into their joining the Sony family. Speaking to Inside Games, PlayStation president Shuhei Yoshida confirmed as much, stating “SIE holds the rights to past Insomniac Games works” when asked the question. The publication also asked whether that means we might see Sunset Overdrive grace PlayStation consoles, to which the answer was “I am looking forward to future titles.”

Take that however you will, but I’m personally holding out hope that we’ll see more Sunset Overdrive some day in one form or another. Are you a Sunset Overdrive fan or an Insomniac fan in general? Let us know in the comments below and on our social pages!

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