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Spend All Your Rounds On The Metro Exodus Spartan Collector’s Edition

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Metro fans, it’s time to gear up! Publisher Deep Silver and developer 4A Games have just revealed the Spartan Collector’s Edition of their upcoming Metro Exodus. The hefty collector’s edition is housed in a huge barrel-shaped package based on an in-game design and features the following:

  • A Premium Quality Artyom Statue: This highly detailed, hand-painted resin statue stands at 10.5 inches high and captures the iconic scene from the Metro Exodus announcement trailer of Artyom fighting off a deadly Watchman. Each statue is individually numbered. 
  • Authentic Spartan Order Dog Tag: A finely crafted replica of Artyom’s Spartan Order tag.
  • Artyom’s Memories” Collectible Postcards: Arytom’s most treasured items are postcards from the world before it was devastated by nuclear war. Fans of the Metro series will recognise Artyom’s collection, given to him by those he encounters on his journey. Each postcard carries a message from his closest friends and companions.
  • Spartan Order Patches: Two authentic Spartan Order patches

It’s worth noting that the Spartan Collector’s Edition is available exclusively at the official Metro Exodus website and will set Aussie punters back $149.99USD plus $54.99USD shipping (around $280-290AUD) so that’s a significant investment.

Check out a special video for the Spartan CE below and stick with us for more Metro Exodus news.

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