Super Mario Maker 2 Direct – Preparing A New Foundation

Super Mario Maker 2 Direct – Preparing A New Foundation

Nintendo announced a surprise fifteen minute Direct centred on Super Mario Maker 2 (SMM2) for the 16th of May at 8 am AEST. This single focus Direct should boast new information into the title which has seen leaks through promotional material, with only two short official trailers currently released. This Direct also bodes well for E3 as Nintendo has followed a similar plan before; having a short direct on a soon to be released title, freeing up more space in their E3 presentation to cover new, less discussed titles, with SMM2 likely only appearing in a short reminder trailer at E3.

Direct Synopsis:
The Direct starts out by showing the basics for those unfamiliar with Mario Maker.
Placing and adjusting, hiding and stacking enemies. Rapid fire experimentation is possible, you can test and edit on the fly. You require the Nintendo Switch Online membership to share online, no surprises there.

NEW Features/Items/Tools:

  • Slopes: Pick a direction and select length to make a slope, 2 angles of slopes are possible (steep and shallow).
  • Angry Sun: An enemy with the perpetual grudge.
  • Snake Block: Freely draw its trajectory and make potential traps.
  • On/Off switch: Turn blocks on and off or conveyer belts, or anything you that has alternate forms.
  • See-saws: Risky tilt-y fun!
  • Swinging Claw: Use momentum to your advantage or use it to hold enemies.
  • Water Level: Freely set the water level – it can change over time with three possible speeds. You can change the lava level too!
  • Custom Scroll: Totally customisable side scrolling with programmable segments and individual speeds.
  • Vertical sub areas: Vertical sub areas can be made with of course vertical scrolling.
  • Scroll Stop: You can stop scrolling to high areas or create secret rooms!
  • Banzai Bills: Can be aimed in four directions or have a homing function (red).
  • Dry Bones Shell: You can play dead!
  • New sound effects!
  • Co-op making: Create a course together on a single screen with split joy-con.
  • Clear conditions: defeat all enemies! Collect all the coins, a wide range to choose from.
  • Twister: Will suck up enemies or items!
  • Icicles: They will be triggered by the player.
  • Diagonal conveyer belts: convey things diagonally.
  • Red Yoshi: FIRE!
  • Parachute: Slows down the fall speed of any items or enemies that they are attached too.
  • Boom-Boom: New mini boss.

Story Mode:
Mario sets out to rebuild Peaches Castle (I wonder what happened this time). You will play a full games worth of stages (+100 levels designed by Nintendo) to get coins to rebuild things. Lots of examples of expert course design can be seen as a part of those levels. Characters you meet can give you quests to get extra coins.

New themes have been added – Desert, Snow, Forest and Sky – as well as newly composed music (composed by Koji Kondo).

The Moon – can make night courses, if you hit the moon you can wipe out a screen of enemies. Different effects per different theme – e.g. Goombas float at night in the ground theme. Items may transform too!

3D World – This theme is very different from the other themes, it is stand alone. WARNING: the stage will wipe if you change to it from a different theme. Can do things in this theme that you can’t do in other styles. Clear pipes and crates are exclusive to this mode. Spike blocks, warp blocks, blinking blocks, track blocks and ! blocks, oh my! The Koopa Troopa car, piranha creeper, Skipsqueak, mushroom trampolines, Charvaargh, Pom Pom and Cat Bowser also make an appearance. Expect to see more familiar faces in this style.

Nintendo Switch Online:
Course World – share carefully crafted courses online. Browse by popularity, newness, tags, or theme. Play a course and you can leave a comment if they are enabled. You can also download a course to play at any time! Maker Profiles – you have your own profile and if people like your courses you get maker points. Unlock customizations by finishing special tasks.
Network Play – play together with others. Multiplayer with up to four players from around the world, side-scrolling showdown in a randomly chosen course. In multiplayer co-op you can work together to reach the goal. Can create virtual rooms to play locally. Can play as Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad and Toadette.

You can preorder physically or online as a bundle that includes a 12-month membership to Nintendo Switch Online. The 12 months will stack on an existing membership.

New Nintendo Switch Online Member Offer – Nintendo Switch Game vouchers. Bought as a pair for AU$134.95 ($99.99 USD), these vouchers can be redeemed for eligible digital games (saving you a whopping AU$34.95). Pre-order at a discount and also get a discounted second title. The two vouchers don’t have to be used at the same time and are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Visit for more information.

A 2019 Invitational with live competitive gameplay was also announced and will be held on June 8th (June 9th AEST).

So many new items and features! Do you have some ideas already that you want to create in SMM2? You can re-watch the SSM2 Nintendo Direct on Youtube. SMM2 is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 28th.

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