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The Division 2’s Day One Patch Is A Big One

A hecking chonk of a patch

Tome Clancy’s The Division 2, the sequel to Ubisoft’s loot driven, third-person shooter RPG hybrid, has had its Day One patch (Title Update 1) minorly detailed today. While they didn’t go into detail what was fixed, all the has been said was that the patch includes various bug fixes and improvements for the main game.

For people playing the Xbox One and PC versions of the game, the patch will come in around 48-52GB, depending on your region and preferred language. People who purchased the game physically will be prompted to download the patch as they install the game, whereas people who purchased the game digitally won’t really be prompted to download it. Regardless, the game’s final install size will be around 48-52GB.

PS4 players seem to have drawn the short end of the straw, in this regard. People adopting the game physically on Sony’s platform will be met with a huge 88-92GB Day One patch, (once again) depending on your region and language preferences. The final install size should be around 88-92GB.

In addition to this, on March 11 Title Update 1.5 will be launched which is another 2GB and it “addresses occurrences of audio mission or cutting out experienced during the Open Beta.

The Division 2 isn’t officially launching until March 15, but people who preordered either the Gold or Ultimate Editions of the game will be able to play the game from March 12. The times playable in Australia and New Zealand are:

Ultimate & Gold Edition:

  • NSW/ACT/VIC/TAS – 12:00 am, March 12
  • QLD – 11:00 pm, March 11
  • NT – 10:30 pm, March 11
  • SA – 11:30 pm, March 11
  • WA – 9:00 pm, March 11
  • New Zealand – 2:00 am, March 12

Standard Edition:

  • NSW/ACT/VIC/TAS – 12:00 am, March 15
  • QLD – 11:00 pm, March 14
  • NT – 10:30 pm, March 14
  • SA – 11:30 pm, March 14
  • WA – 9:00 pm, March 14
  • New Zealand – 2:00 am, March 15

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