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The Nintendo Switch Has Sold Insanely Well

An even bigger success than the Wii

The Switch has been an incredibly successful console since it first launched in March 2017. Unlike the Wii U, its predecessor, the console has had a lot of people that love the hybrid console which offers a portable and traditional console experience. It comes as no surprise that the console has pulled some insane numbers, becoming the fifth best-selling console ever, only trailing behind the PS4 by 5.5%. Disclosed by Nintendo’s FY 2022 sales report, the Switch has sold an impressive 23.06 million units this last fiscal year. While the most recent quarter of the 2023 financial year saw a decline in shipped units by 22.9%, going from 4.55 million units last year to 3.43 million units this year due to the semiconductor shortage that has plagued the gaming and tech industries.

Nintendo Switch Sales 2022

via Nintendo’s FY 2022 Sales Report

Nintendo currently has its FY 2023 forecast set to around 21 million units, which would see it potentially overtake the PS4 in lifetime sales (assuming that the PS5’s availability improves).

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