The Setters Franchise Is Coming Back Big Time

The Setters Franchise Is Coming Back Big Time

If you like real-time management games, chances are you likeĀ The Settlers. Populating the illustrious genre since 1993, The Settlers has defined games just like it for 25 years. If you’re think that the quarter-century anniversary is a marketing opportunity not to be missed, you’ll be on the same thinking as some Ubisoft executive who no doubt is getting a raise. Great minds think alike, after all.

Gamescom may be host to a variety of announcements, but this is one I’m particularly excited for. Not only s The Settlers receiving a compilation release, but a brand-new game! The new title, under the very imaginative nameĀ The Settlers, will release in 2019 and is seemingly a reboot of the long-running series. You can see the trailer for that below:

Remember that (bad) joke about the 25th anniversary? That wasn’t a joke. Hah, gottem. Ubisoft is also re-releasing the first seven The Setters games as a “modernized” collection. I think what they mean by that is that it’ll run on Windows 10, which is a godsend to anybody that likes older PC games. The collection will release on November 15th of this year, but the first game is available on Uplay right now!

You can watch the (charming) trailer for that below:

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