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The WellPlayed DLC Podcast Episode 069 (Nice) Is Out Now

Get excited

A new week, a new episode.

Join Zach, Kieron, Jordan and Adam as they discuss the following juicy topics:

  • How everyone is feeling
  • Kieron’s falling floor fiasco
  • Why there was no podcast last week
  • What the crew has been playing
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla review
  • Bugsnax review
  • Rainbow Six: Siege new season preview
  • Dirt 5 impressions
  • Pacer impressions
  • Xbox Series X review
  • The spiciest of news
  • Gettin’ It Easy

As usual, you can find Episode 069 (nice) on Spotify (above), iTunes, and podcast services Google, Podbean and Stitcher (search WellPlayed DLC).

We hope you enjoy it and thank you for listening.

Written By

Jordan lives and breathes Dark Souls, even though his favourite game is Bloodborne. He takes pride in bashing his face on walls and praising the sun. Hailing from the land of tacos, he is the token minority for WellPlayed.




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