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Ubisoft’s Extreme Sports Title Riders Republic Has Been Delayed

Chuck your bike back in the car

Announced during a Ubisoft Forward stream back in September 2020, Rider Republic promised to give players a huge multiplayer experience where your extreme sports dreams could come true. Offering up mountain biking, wingsuits, snowboarding and plenty more, this game was one that instantly went on my radar. Originally set to release on February 25, it looked as though we were fast approaching this fun time.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait a bit longer, as Riders Republic has been delayed. The announcement from developer Ubisoft Annecy states that the new release schedule is ‘later in the year’, with no specific timeframe given. Seeing as though we were a bit over a month from release with only one proper trailer shown off, this delay isn’t awfully surprising.

Are you excited for Riders Republic? Does this delay surprise you? Let us know.

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