Vox Populi – Here’s What You Thought of State of Decay 2

Vox Populi – Here’s What You Thought of State of Decay 2

As a gaming journalist it’s easy to become a little bit cynical at times. For instance, contributor Jordan Garcia can’t witness a framerate drop without clenching his fists in righteous anger, and Editor-in-Chief Kieran Stockton believes that every time a game less than five years old gets a remaster a fairy loses its wings and dies. But are these the things that truly matter to our readers? With Vox Populi we want to give our readers the chance to tell us what they think of a title, free of the cynicism borne from reviewing one game too many as a quasi-semi-part-time-moderate-to-regular-half-strength-no-froth-not-for-profit games journalist. Whenever a big title releases we’ll run a post on our social channels asking for your opinion, and we’ll post the tastiest morsels here. So go on, have your vox heard.

Welcome back to another edition of Vox Populi. This time we’re heading to the outback apocalypse of America for State of Decay 2. Yours truly rated it 7 out of 10 in our review, stating the following:

State of Decay 2 is a fun and challenging survival experience that suffers due to repetition and a questionable technical performance

But enough about us and more about you. Let’s find out what the people thought of State of Decay 2.

Instagram: lostsoldiertv I play it on PC, although repetitive it’s still quite enjoyable cruising around killing Z’s and looting.

Well there you have it, the people have spoken. Stay tuned for the next Vox Populi opportunity to have your voice heard.

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