Wanted A Resident Evil 3 Remaster? These Hardcore Fans Have Your Back

Wanted A Resident Evil 3 Remaster? These Hardcore Fans Have Your Back

Capcom has been breathing life into the Resident Evil series, with numerous rereleases and remasters for the titles in the series, including newly announced releases for the Nintendo Switch. An outlier to the special treatment is Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Really, if you want to play it in this day and age, you’ll more than likely have to dig up that old PlayStation 3 of yours (or even your Vita if you are strange like me) to digitally download it and play. A bit of a janky solution, to be honest. The game doesn’t really look or run up to par, as the remasters for the other games have made improvements in a variety of areas that the originals faltered on.

Thankfully, fans have come to the rescue in the form of Resident Evil 3 Seamless HD Project.

Watch the video below

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You can really appreciate the work that the dedicated fans have put into remastering the survival horror classic. The fans are using machine learning to upscale the graphics. This technique is fairly common practice amongst unofficial remasters, but the team which consists of Mathieu Phillipe (programmer), Saeed (QA tester), Kayael (HD texture artist), and FrankWesker (artist) are putting in the extra work to make sure it is more than just upscaled visuals from machine learning. They are also retouching some in-game screens and are even building their own version Dolphin, a popular Gamecube (and Wii) emulation program.

Getting the remaster won’t necessarily be easy, either. You are still required to have an ISO image file of the RE3 Gamecube port, so you will either have to locate a legitimate copy or do that thing which is totally not incredibly easy to do but also not endorsed here. It’s also not perfect, things like inventory screens can’t actually be upscaled with the current process and the amount of work required to manually clean it all up is far more than anyone can ask of for a free fan-made remaster.

Hopefully, Capcom takes the hint and make one of the most influential horror releases easier to access (they would be fools not to).

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