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Warhammer 40k: Shootas, Blood & Teef Demo: Let’s Get Krumpin’


Warhammer 40k is a property with a ton of videogame potential. Over the years we have had a variety of successes and failures, but all too often the subject matter goes all the way to ‘11’ on the scale of ‘how grim and dark this experience should be’ – alienating all but the most hardcore of fans.

Thankfully, Shootas, Blood & Teef embraces the more madcap nature of a universe in constant conflict by letting you play as the true stars of the setting – Space Orks – hooligan nutbags that want nothing more than a good fight and a good time. I got to sink my own teef into a playable demo of the game that has been unveiled as part of Steam NextFest – and I have to say it’s a real blast being a green meany.

Painting the town dead

The game’s narrative takes no time to set up – you are a proud Ork who has just had some of his favourite stuff nicked by your warboss, so you figure the best way to solve this wrongdoing is to diplomatically murder him. By doing so, the Orkish rules of hierarchy dictate that you will become the new boss and as such can then direct all your brutish chums to help you achieve your lifelong goals of looking for a big ol’ fight. Strap in, start shooting and make your dreams come true!

While the experience was brief, the time I spent painting the town red was more than enough to earn a spot on my radar – the title has a nebulous release date of 2022 after all. My hulking green monster blasted hot lead at his foes with all the accuracy of a drunk at a urinal, and it didn’t bother me one bit. Rotating through your weapons in a ‘throw everything and see what sticks’ approach is more than appropriate, and if that doesn’t work you can always resort to hitting them with a chainsaw sidearm to really make them regret getting close. You can huck grenades, explode convenient barrels and even supercharge yourself to become a screaming, rapid-firing menace for a few seconds. It’s all bloody good fun.

My secret technique – unleashing a hail of bullets from a crawlspace

The demo reached its climax as I entered an arena that served as a stage for an Ork-y rock band, who lurched into a heavy metal ballad about fighting as enemies swarmed to take me out. Leaping deftly from platform to platform, blasting bullets like an angry swarm of bees, I was eventually deemed worthy of taking on their leader – who was incredibly keen on slamming me with a giant axe made of buzzsaw blades. But, the big green nerd was no match for determined firepower and I found myself standing upon his body, instructing the onlookers that I was now in charge.

This is the breadcrumb into the game proper, as the trailer promises all kinds of new and exciting nasties to blast apart with reckless abandon – the Warhammer 40k universe is home to all manner of baddies just begging for a krumpin’.

Now I have experienced the savage, bullet-spraying lunacy of Shootas, Blood & Teef – I am entirely on board. This toe-dip into WAAAGH has only left me hungry for more targets to miss, guts to spill and gits to blast. Bring on the green tide, save a spot for me!

Shootas, Blood & Teef does not yet have a firm drop date, but is expected to release sometime in 2022.

Previewed on PC // Demo code supplied by publisher

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