Wii U Version of Minecraft Coming December 17th

Wii U Version of Minecraft Coming December 17th

It won’t go away. Every time we push it out, it comes back. It’s just…there. Watching. Learning. Slowly, and surely, drawing plans against us. It gestates and pulses on each device you own, and the Wii U was the last bastion of hope in a sea of pre-adolescent boys who endlessly quote youtubers that you personally find mildly amusing in small doses but pretend to hate anyway because it’s the hip thing to do. But now, it’s too late. It was always too late. Minecraft has come to the Wii U.



Dramatic effect aside, if you were on the fence about buying a Wii U for Christmas and you want your kid to come out of the computer room more often because you’re afraid he’s ruining his social skills, now they can slowly kill their future romantic prospects within earshot! See? Responsible parenting can be fun for everybody! On December 7th, developer Mojang announced a Wii U port of Minecraft which will be released via the Nintendo eShop on the 17th of December. The announced price is $30 USD (just over 40 dollarydoos for us in Australia), which is for whatever reason more expensive than other console versions of the game and the lack of unique features promised for this version. It will, however, come with DLC out of the box and more is on the way. Whatever your feelings, I believe that we can all agree on one thing.

There is no longer any escape.

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